• How to Keep your Dog Cool

    Summer months can be stressful for animals whose owners do not have air conditioning or animals who overexert themselves while playing or exercising. It is even harder for dogs and cats to cool down than it is for humans.
    How to Keep your Dog Cool
  • Wearable Technology

    can it drive down vet costs and drive up rescue dog adoptions?
    Wearable Technology
  • Dogs Are Part of the Family

    I have three Border Collies who are part of my life, my family and my world.
    All three were destined to be working dogs but for one reason or another didn’t make the grade. And yes, I do get remarks like ‘he needs to be working,’ or ‘that dog is wasted.’ Hmm. I don’t think anyone has spoken to my dogs about their unfulfilled destinies...
    Dogs Are Part of the Family