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Research Proves Dogs Have Emotions
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Best Dog Advice: Says Who?
Everyone Has The Best Dog Advice Right.... “I’ve heard that I shouldn’t give my dog a bath until he’s at least 6 months old.” “I’ve been told that my dog should only chew on Nyla bones.” “Someone said I should only feed my dog eggs.” “I was told to keep my...
Christmas Shopping
The day has finally come- I was wondering if I was ever going to be able to accomplish my errands this Christmas- we've had quite a few things going on with the grandparents these days and then we get an ice storm followed by a snow storm. Dad doesn’t like...
Christmas Shopping 2
I have finally arrived at the PetShoppe after making a stop on the way ONLY to discover my humans are way too spoiled with seat warmers in their car. I should be able to find a great present for my humans at this store- am looking around. They’ve got the latest...
Intro to Dog Behavior (1 of 2)
"Canine Science is very opinionated because everyone has different reasons of why." For 11 years I have studied canine behavior and I have noticed how much everyone has different views on different behaviors. The quote in the beginning of this article was a quote I first read when I started my career....

Dog Lovers Are Never Lonely
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